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Identity Theft Protection

by LifeLock

Rest easy knowing your identity and your nest egg are protected.

LifeLock is not the same as free credit monitoring services that just alert you to credit issues. LifeLock uses advanced technology to constantly monitor and detect suspicious uses of your identity information to get loans, credit, and services in your name and helps to protect your biggest financial assets, such as your 401(k). If there is any suspicious activity, you will be notified, and if your identity is ever compromised, LifeLock’s specialists will take care of restoring it.

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  • Two affordable plan levels to choose from with special PSEA rates (starting at just $8.49/month)
  • Spouse and dependent coverage is also available.
  • For active members, premiums are conveniently paid through payroll deduction once per month.

To see the features and benefits of each specific plan, use the buttons on the right. Additional information can be found under the “Enroll” button.

If you still have questions after reviewing the following links, call 1-866-917-2555.

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