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Our History

1917: A group of PG&E employees forms the Pacific Service Employees Association to coordinate athletic and social activities for the company.

1927 PSEA news

1920s: The association adds a death benefit plan and a home study education program and makes the first monetary loans to PG&E employees.
1930s: PSEA creates the Pacific Service Employees Credit Union to provide savings and loan opportunities for PG&E employees and establishes vacation camps at PG&E Hydro facilities for PG&E employees and their families. 1917 basketball tournament announcement
1940s: PSEA administers the first hospitalization plan for PG&E employees and later extends the plan to retired employees. The voluntary plan is established in lieu of the state disability insurance plan.
1950s: PSEA establishes its own hospitalization plan and PSEA Blood Bank Program, with Gallon Club recognition for donors.
1960s: The association establishes a separate organization, the Pacific Service Employees Benefit Association, to administer the hospitalization, death benefit, and disability plans. Payroll deduction is authorized for the Hospitalization Plan.
1970s: PSEA organizes the PSEA Public Speaking Club (5:30 Club) and establishes a self-supporting discount travel and tour program.
Old DP plan brochure1980s: PSEA establishes a community relations program, starts the first employee personal computer club, and develops the PG&E logo merchandise program. Concurrent with the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, the association creates the Emergency Relief and Assistance Funds from medical plan premium reserves to assist PG&E employees and retirees in times of need.
1990s: An Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) benefit is added for members, and the Education and Public Speaking programs are combined into a Self-development Program. PSEA earns the Eastwood Award from the National Employees Service and Recreation Association and is the best employee association in the country among its peer group.
1994/1995: PSEA becomes self-sufficient through member dues and member-supported benefit programs. The retired employee members take on a larger role within the organization and are represented on the Board of Trustees.PSEA members at Marine World
1997: PSEA celebrates its 80th anniversary with a social gathering of members at Marine World Africa, USA. Over 17,000 family members are in attendance.
1998: Due to a PG&E corporate reorganization, the PSEA office is relocated, the chapter structure is realigned, and the association establishes independent employee benefits.
1999: PSEA begins actively promoting associate membership to past PG&E employees, announces group home and auto insurance for members and their families, and adds AD&D for retirees and associate members. PSEA also creates a website, PSEAFFF.com, to provide more information and contact information to all members, as well as an internal classified ad bulletin board.Images of Tickets
2000: PSEA introduces a discount ticket program, providing members with significant savings on pre-purchased tickets.
2001: Adult children (age 21 or older) of PSEA members can now join. Active members’ AD&D insurance coverage is expanded, and better premiums and benefits for retiree dental programs, as well as increased vision discounts, are negotiated.
2002: PSEA celebrates its 85th anniversary with over 8,500 family members attending a reunion at Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara. Special anniversary discounts are offered to members throughout the year.100-Year Anniversary Sign
2007: PSEA celebrates its 90th anniversary at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. The PSEA logo is updated. Membership is extended to the parents of current members.
2008: The office relocates to our current address, Willow Pass Road, in Concord. PG&E contractors can now become PSEA members.
2009: The Board of Trustees approves extending membership to siblings of current PSEA members, so now all immediate family members are eligible to join.
2017: PSEA celebrates its 100th anniversary with local events at each chapter and three system-wide events: a carnival at Raley Field in Sacramento, an Alaskan cruise, and an anniversary event at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with 11,000 in attendance.
2023: PSEA launches a new and improved website.

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