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Critical Illness Insurance

Provided by MetLife

Serious illnesses can be costly.

While most medical plans provide coverage for hospital and medical expenses, they don’t typically cover costs like daily living expenses, childcare, or co-pays.  If you develop a critical illness such as cancer, a heart attack, or kidney failure, a critical illness insurance policy can close the gap and keep you from drowning in these other expenses.


  • There are two affordable plan levels to choose from. Premiums depend on your age. (Lower rates for non-smokers.)
  • Lump-sum payments are made directly to you.
  • Spouse and dependent coverage is also available.
  • Premiums are conveniently paid through payroll deduction once per month.
  • Health screening benefits

*More covered conditions; more health screening tests covered; higher coverage on some conditions; $200 Mammogram Benefit (not available in all states).

Open enrollment for this plan is once per year in February for existing PSEA members. New members will be given a 90-day enrollment window.

For more information, visit the links below. An application link will become available during open enrollment.

If you are already enrolled in this plan and need to speak to customer service, call (800) 438-6388.


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